About 23princessroad

I’ve been in the art/gallery/museum/performance scene since the glory days of the late 1990s. As Singapore hurtles into a new universe filled with obscene amounts of ‘new money’, I’m fascinated by how our little red dot has been trying to buy itself a little bit of ‘class’ (a.k.a. art & culture) so as to make our new-found wealth a little less crass.

This blog serves as a personal bank account for me to deposit my two-cents; for all the good and the bad that have resulted from this liberal splash of moolah to bring a little ‘hip’ to this joint called Singapore.

12 responses to “About 23princessroad

  1. Your blog sounds fascinating. I have been wondering about this art experiment as well.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi there!

    I’m Zixin from Channel NewsAsia. I’m producer working on a weekly talk show, Blogtv.sg on Channel NewsAsia. This week we will be discussing the issue of preserving heritage sites, the balance between modernity and conservation and if Singaporeans appreciate what they have only when it’s too late. We find your perspectives interesting. We would really like you to come on the show to share your experiences and thoughts.

    We are scheduled for recording next Monday morning and we will only need at most 2 hours of your time.

    Please leave me your contact number so that I may call you to tell you more about the show.

    Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you really soon!


  3. Nur' ain


    I would like to invite you to an ARTs event. If you are interested, please email me nurain@publishwithbridges.com


  4. Hi, I thought SPOT ART might be of your interest. It’s Asia’s first art exhibition to focus solely on art from Southeast Asia and artists below 30 years of age ONLY and runs parallel to the Singapore Biennale as its sister event. Would you be so kind as to come support its inaugural launch? Would be great having an art veteran like you around.


  5. Hi there! Just discovered your awesome blog and just wanna say that I really appreciate the insightful commentaries on the art scene here in Singapore. I love that you are not just shooting from the hip and actually bother to dig up references and source material. Count me as a fan and keep up the good work!

  6. Hi there!
    My name is Joywe and I’m from One East Asia. I see that you are interested in exhibitions/gallery, in short, the arts :) I was wondering if you’ll be interested in attending one of our exhibitions coming soon in June. (?) If you are, feel free to contact me ‘cos I would love to tell you more.

    Warm regards,
    One East Asia

  7. Hi anon
    Thank you for raising such good questions about the Singapore art scene.
    I particularly commend you for your post on the unethical behaviors of certain senior staff in relation to their personal collections. I have known about this for several years and it disgusts me. Those officers are abusing ‘the public trust’ and would have been thrown out of any decent western art institution long ago. Or laughed out of them!
    Singapore is still a very provincial place despite the glam attack. It desperately needs a light shone onto the cronyism!
    Keep up the great work
    Cheers jill

  8. Dear Writer,

    I find your posts intriguing and was wondering if I could have your contact number for a possible future collaboration for an upcoming local musical in celebration of Singapore’s 50 birthday.

    Please drop me an email at clarice[dot]luo[at]sprg[dot]com

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Dear 23 Princess Rd,
    We’re enjoying reading your blog, and wondering if you’d like to join us tonight or tmrw at the Liquid Architecture festival of sound art at LaSalle. We don’t know to what degree we might be an example of purchasing “class” – that’s not a word normally associated with experimental music/sound art – but we like your ascerbic style and would like to talk about a possible future project together. For more on our own somewhat abrasive approach to (sound) art, you can see: http://www.liquidarchitecture.org.au
    Or send us an email, or pop by tonight or tmrw for drink and some strange sounds!
    LA Team

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