Malay Heritage Centre and its new temporary exhibition: Well done!

I went for the Mereka Utusan exhibition at the Malay Heritage Centre. I was just passing by and wasn’t expecting anything to see there at all. But this little exhibition was great. Spread over 2 small rooms, it documents Malay culture in Singapore through the print media. In the intimate spaces, there was a good mix of artifacts (like an old-school printing-press) and interesting blown-up news articles and advertisements. Many local visitors would be surprised to learn of the importance of Singapore’s Malay literati not just here on our island, but also in the Malay world in general.

On another note, while this mini exhibition at MHC is an excellent reminder that the richness in Singapore’s history is not just in archaeology and British colonial topics, it also reminded me “What the heck has the sleepy National Museum been doing for Singapore history of late??”. After the British Museum travelling exhibition that it hosted sometime back, I can’t recall if NMS has curated anything of note on its own recently in terms of temporary exhibitions. It’s really a pity that Mereka Utusan is held at MHC and not NMS (with its much higher visitor-numbers), as such well-curated exhibitions on niche topics are exactly the ones we need in our constant striving to understand the complexities that make up Singapore.

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