National Gallery of Singapore’s new logo…YAWN……..

Here we go, a multi-million dollar gallery has rebranded itself (with a new logo at least). Click here to see it. You still looking for it? It consists of two white rectangles side-by-side, with the one on the left narrower but taller, set against a Singapore-flag red. There’s some write-up about it on FB, saying “…the Gallery’s logo is an abstract representation of the two iconic buildings housing the Gallery. Comprising two rectangular blocks which can be interpreted in every imaginable way, the logo references the movement towards abstraction, a significant development of modern art, which is a focus of the Gallery.”

To be honest, the logo will take some time to grow on me. I understand the ‘abstract’ concept, but in the long-run, will people recognise it? Appearing on printed documents and materials (including t-shirts and mugs), the two rectangles in a sea of red would likely not invoke warm-fuzzy feelings for the gallery, because I dare say the design is not one for easy recognition.

I wonder how much Woon Tai Ho spent for some external branding company to come up with this design (or how the approval process went with the staff and board). I got reminded of Changi Airport’s ‘Name the budget terminal contest’, of which the winning entry was – DUH – ‘Budget Terminal’….

Anyway, NAGA needs to find its feet on its long journey. Let’s hope the exhibitions are more exciting than its logo.

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