Hiring a new NHB staff who must read/speak/write ‘Malay’; contrary to what is stated in new anti-discriminatory language-usage policy for job ads

Ok, this is not specifically about NHB, but about how government policies do not always trickle down well from the top, even if the policies are acted on by govt-agencies themselves.

NHB is hiring a General Manager, Malay Heritage Centre (click here). Requirements include “Be effectively bilingual in English and Malay”. Nothing strange here, except when you click on Annex B here (“Dos and Don’ts when placing Job Advertisements”) and read that it is NOT ok to state a 2nd language requirement unless “… employers … justify the need for the requirement”.

So, technically, the job ad stated that knowledge of Malay is needed, but did not justify why; clearly this is in violation of MOM’s new guidelines for job ads, dated 25/9/2013.

Let see how long it’ll take NHB to change this ad (the closing date is Dec 7, 2013, so there’s a while more that the ad would be online).

LATEST: As of 18 Nov, the ad has been reworded (albeit clumsily) “Bilingual with proficiency in Malay preferred to liaise with the Malay-speaking community”. Thanks NHB for taking the time to read my thoughts!

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