Mysteries of the new National Heritage Board organisation chart

Just checked the National Heritage Board website (click here). There’s quite a bit of juggling at the top of NHB (based on the new org chart). Many of these position were not discussed in earlier press releases, which mainly talked about the change in Directors at National Museum and Singapore Art Museum.

OK. What the heck does the “National Collection Director” Loh Heng Noi do, if the Director of the Heritage Conversation Centre already watches over the artefacts in storage? And there is also a new Chief Curatorial Director (Dr Alan Chong). So if Tan Boon Hui watches over all ‘programmes’ (assuming these include ‘exhibitions’), what does Dr Chong watch over? Based on the ways their names are placed (Boon Hui’s on top of Dr Chong’s), does one report to the other? I did mention in an earlier post that making one person in charge of all museum-programmes (and perhaps one person overseeing all museum-curatorship), what autonomy do individual museum directors have when coming to curatorship and programming? And, er, what is a ‘Language Director? 

Perhaps such fundamental changes at the National Heritage Board needs to be explained to the public through more press releases? It is after all a high profile government agency that spends a decent amount of taxpayers’ dough…  


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