National Heritage Board’s un-updated website: Sign of things to come?

It’s 1st July today. This is the date NHB has chosen to throw out the old and usher in the new. Some changes are quite epic, like stalwart Lee Chor Lin leaving National Museum and lacklustre Singapore Art Museum ex-director Tan Boon Hui getting promoted to an even higher post.

But if you go the NHB’s main webpage, you would see that even though it had a few month’s to get ready for such monumental changes in management, the Management page still shows Chor Lin there, as if no change had happened when the clock struck 12 last night.

Yes, this website will be updated soon enough, but let this blog entry serve to remind NHB that some people DO check the website that you spend much money/resources on to make pretty (surprised?). And since you had more than ample time to update your management info online, you had become sloppy yet again in cyberspace. Funny how the government SGDI website of phone-numbers have been partially updated (eg Angelita’s new phone number has replaced Chor Lin’s old one), but NHB’s own website is lagging behind. I’m aware of some of the even more surprising changes at NHB that is supposed to have been enacted today, but of course there’s no confirmation of this yet either on the website or in the media. Is this lethargy on the NHB wesbite a precursor to the new direction that NHB is heading? Let’s hope not.

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