National Heritage Board easing into ‘natural’ heritage, finally??

Singapore Botanic Gardens is making a bid to get listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. For a week now, I did not read of National Heritage Board’s involvement in this bid, which I though would be natural since the award has the word ‘Heritage’ in it.

But here it is; a mention that NHB is working with Botanic Gardens in the bid (

I find this bittersweet… Yes, NHB is guardian of all things ‘heritage’ in Singapore, but as you know, it concentrates mainly on ‘museum/cultural heritage’, and almost does not touch ‘natural’ heritage. So I’m happy that Singapore’s lead heritage agency is working on this bid. But then again, I’m think NHB is assisting only because it ‘had’ to, since it would be funny if S’pore’s lead ‘heritage’ agency is NOT fronting this bid for the Gardens to get world’s ‘heritage’ listing.

Whether this bid is successful or not, NHB wil revert to cultural/museum heritage. As I said in an earlier blog post, we should rename NHB as ‘National Cultural Heritage Board’, or even ‘National Museums Board’ to make it clear that they do not really focus on natural heritage at all….

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