Singapore Tyler Print Institute: Your ‘visitorship’ not important meh???

Ok, let me just come out and say this first: It’s my fault. Yesterday, without checking, I went to STPI in Robertson Quay, fully assuming that like all other public places of ‘art’, it is also open on a Sunday.


I went home and checked the website, and saw that it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

This complaint is not about me not being able to see the Hockney prints.

This entry is to question STPI’s going-against-the-grain and not opening on Sundays and public holidays. Yesterday, at about 2pm, there were 100s of people either milling around the waterfront, or were having lunch in the restaurants that dot the place. I am sure that many of these families and couples, after a heavy lunch, would love to cool off for a bit by ducking into STPI.

I am sure that STPI do not get many walk-ins on weekdays. People hanging around the place on weekdays would likely be office-workers who would be keen to grab a quick lunch and head back to the office. I doubt that there would be many ‘strollers’ on weekdays who would have some time to kill in STPI.

So, if STPI opens on Sundays and public holidays, I am very confident it would likely double their ‘visitor’ numbers, or least increase it by a double-digit percentage.

So for the STPI staff who may chance upon this; I have a suggestion: See for yourself how many people walk pass your STPI entrance on Sundays and public holidays, and then decide if it is worth paying OT to 2-3 staff to open the place to more visitors. Your ‘institute’ must be quite keen on ‘educating’ the public about ‘printmaking’, and at least for this member of the public, I would be very keen to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon browsing through your establishment.

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