Screwing with your mind: A museum exhibition without a single artifact??

I did say I was going to visit the Marina Bay Sand’s Artscience Museum soon. But a check with their website gave me a reason to hold off for a little while more.

The museum’s website (click ‘here‘) trumpets a new exhibition starting from 16 April 2011 (to 6 Nov 2011): Van Gogh Alive: The exhibition. Well, if you think this is THE exhibition that’ll bring the very first Van Goghs to Singapore, think again.

The exhibition write-up goes like this: Immerse yourself in the work of Vincent Van Gogh through an artistically choreographed sequence of sights and sounds in this unique production that fuses art and audio-visual technology…. will allow visitors to explore the work and life experiences of Van Gogh through an artistically choreographed sequence of sights and sounds. Masterpieces of Van Gogh will be projected onto walls, columns, roofs and floors, accompanied by a beautiful musical score and educational text. Visitors will come to understand the techniques and colors used by Van Gogh in a scale never seen before.

Excuse my sceptical ass, but I don’t seem to have read anywhere in their write-up how many REAL paintings are actually coming to Singapore. In fact, I think the flowery write-up is trying to disguise the fact that NOT A SINGLE of van Gogh’s paintings will be on show here! But then again, I do not think that a ‘Museum’ would ever be brash enough to hold a zero-artifact exhibition, would it?  

As mentioned before in this blog, I am sure the Artscience Museum is fully capable of it. Since this ‘museum’ is an anomaly (i.e. a museum that is for-profit, and does not have its own permanent collection), it can very well do whatever it wants in the name of being a museum. Selling a van Gogh exhibition to a Singapore crowd but using sound & lights to obscure the lack of real paintings seem right down the alley of a ‘museum-wannabe’.

Will report after my visit.  

P.S. I bet you the Singapore Science Centre is kicking itself in the head for not catching wind of this exhibition first…… But at least the Science Centre NEVER pretends that it is a museum, does it??



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